P&I correspondent

It provides protection and indemnity insurance in respect of third party liabilities and expenses arising from owning ships or operating ships as principals. P&I sets the standard for insurance and claims handling for shipowners and charterers worldwide.

Protecting shipowners and charterers worldwide

P&I cover includes third party liability insurance to cover potential claims for damage or compensation in respect of personal injury to (crew members, stevedores, passengers and others), cargo liabilities, loss of personal effects and property (other than cargo), diversion expenses, collision liabilities, wreck liabilities, fines and legal costs.

Services include:P&I-representation

Protection & indemnity insurance for all types of ocean-going ships in all sectors and markets
24/7 worldwide claims support
Helping clients to manage operational and compliance risk and protect themselves from financial and reputational harm
Providing expert independent advice and guidance for shipowners, masters and managers
Representing the industry in the development of regulation, standards and services


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