Security services (OLS)

Ocean & Land Security (OLS) is a international security company implemented at Lomé Togo. We are referenced and entitled by many countries authorities and local navy to provide armed guards all over the west coast HRA (High Risk Area) waters.

We offer today, all over the West Africa coasts, a panel of security solutions for owners, charterers, ship managers, PMSCs including an ethic chart of revised pricing. Relationships and partnerships we developed during the last 5 years are placing us at the top of suppliers you can work with into the Gulf Of Guinea for supporting your operations.

Ours services:OLS
1- OLS supervisors (unarmed guard )
2- European MSLO per day – LO Liaison Officer
3- Armed security inside territorial waters (Local Navy ) (LNAG)
4- Control during discharging at dock
5- Stowaway research before vessel departure
6- EMBARK & DISEMBARK both (per UNARMED team)
7- PATROL VESSEL – Navy Gunship service Boat Patrol
8– OLS patrol boat with unarmed team 24/24h


Rond Point du PAL
Tel1: +228 2227 9457
Tel2: +228 2271 9477
Lomé – TOGO


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